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EducatorsAbroad aims to improve school effectiveness worldwide by providing teachers, teaching assistants, and school leaders with access to mentors to guide them. We offer prospective and current teachers the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their teaching abilities, and to expand their cultural awareness. We pride ourselves in directly integrating new ideas into fulfilling professional responsibilities by modeling expectations of effective educators at all levels of experience.

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Committed to improving the effectiveness of educators in our global profession of teaching.

We partner with individuals of all backgrounds and strive to provide excellent personalized professional development worldwide for prospective and employed educators. Find out more information about each EducatorsAbroad program.

Student Teaching Worldwide

Pre-service teacher education students completing final requirements prior to being recommended for licensure or certification as a teacher […read more]

Classroom Teaching Assistant

This programme is for locally recruited teaching assistants employed in international schools, and prospective teaching assistants/paraprofessionals […read more]

Worldwide Qualified Teacher Status

For unqualified teachers currently employed in English curriculum pre-primary, primary, or secondary schools worldwide who have a first (bachelor’s) degree […read more]

USA Teaching Licence Worldwide Access

For unqualified teachers currently employed in pre-primary, primary, or elementary schools worldwide who have a bachelor’s degree […read more]

EA Internship Programme

This programme is designed for licensed/qualified teachers at any point in their career [… read more]

Pre-service School Experience

For pre-service teacher education students, individually or in a group led by a University faculty member […read more]

EducatorsAbroad has placed over 3,200 students and counting

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Jessie Travelled to Peru

I chose to student teach abroad for a couple of reasons.  I have always had a passion for traveling, and I never got the experience to study abroad, and then I heard about student teaching abroad, and since I had a minor in English as a second language I thought it only made sense to student teach with students whose first language was not English, and to help them learn English.  When deciding on a place I wanted to go, I felt that I had always wanted to travel to South America because I love the latin culture.  I was doing some research on the countries in South America and I just felt that Peru had so much to offer.

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“EducatorsAbroad provided the most enriching teaching experience.”

“EducatorsAbroad were amazing and supporters by ambition to StudentTeach in Ghana from start to finish. They made sure I had all the correct documentation and staid in touch with me throughout the whole journey. If you are even thinking about going to student teach abroad I would highly recommend EducatorsAborad !” – James Smith

It is a great experience to see how teachers and students of other cultures differ from America. You will be able to take experiences to your own classroom that teachers who did not go abroad cannot.
Australia, 2003
It was so much fun. By participating in this program I was able to learn a lot about the culture of the country I was in. I was able to meet a lot of nice and interesting people and I hope to be able to return to Ireland in the future.
Ireland, 2012
Teaching abroad allowed me the chance to experience a culture different than my own. I was impressed with this program because we stayed with host families.
Belize, 2003
Global Student Teaching is such a powerful experience. Not only was I able to complete my student teaching in a safe and sound school setting, but I was also able to explore all over Australia. It was a wonderful opportunity.
Australia, 2014
It was a great experience, the school I was located at was a great place, and the teachers and staff were excellent to work with. It was an amazing opportunity and I tell everyone I can they should do it
Costa Rica, 2013
It was the opportunity of a lifetime! How many people get to spend months in a destination they’ve always wondered about while earning their student teaching credits at the same time?
Spain, 2006

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